We Love Legs
*Long legs, short legs, tanned legs, winter legs,  petite legs, voluptuous thighs legs… we love them all!
PunKo is a love song for legs. But not your cheesy, rhymey, weepy love song. A full-throttle, crazed with passion, incoherent and delirious love song. The kind that makes you lose control.

Because PunKo is all about losing control. Losing control of old misconceptions of what tights are all about. Tights are no longer about keeping your legs warm while attracting minimum attention; bye- bye skin color. Tights can be anything you’d like, especially PunKo Tights.

We used to be shoe designers. We would finish a nice pair, be all happy and proud, and then get super mad for not finding the right tights to go with our shoes. We wanted tights that complemented the shoe, that were an attraction all to itself. We wanted tights that turned heads on the street, men and women’s alike.

So here we are, some years later, bringing it with the Pun and the Ko.
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